How is Bridal Makeup Different from Regular Makeup?

Makeup is makeup, isn’t it? You wear it to enhance your looks! So, what is the difference between wedding makeup and regular makeup? Makeup artists dealing with bridal makeup in Pune every day, come across such questions almost every day. So, it is necessary to strike out the difference between a bridal and regular makeup and clear the air around it.

Fundamental Difference between Bridal and Regular Makeup

  • You don’t wear it Everyday

The basic difference is that you don’t wear bridal makeup every day. It is exclusive, and you wear it only on your wedding day. Regular makeup can be worn every day, while at work, at a party, or everywhere else, except on your wedding day.

  • It is Complex and Time-Consuming

Wedding makeup takes a lot of time to finish, and the artist plans designs and customizes it thoughtfully well in advance. The bride meets the makeup artist days or months before the wedding day to consult what will work on her type of face, and what won’t. Some brides and makeup artists go the extra mile to try various types of makeups to decide on the best suiting one.

  • Meeting Bridal Demands is challenging

Every bride is different and has something in mind before she consults her makeup type with the artist. For instance, Bollywood makeups catch the fancy of a lot of girls. So, they often come with specific demands. It poses a challenge, especially when the makeup type doesn’t suit them as much, and that’s where bridal makeups are different!

  • It involves a lot of Technical Complexities

On the technical front as well, bridal makeups include the use of a lot of cosmetics and makeup tools to create the desired beauty effect. There are a lot of tried and tested combinations the artist has to go through to ensure that the bride glows, and appears special. Apart from that, they cost more than the regular counterpart.

  • Regular Makeups – The Comparatively Simpler Counterpart

Regular makeups, too, have their set of unique challenges. But, as the wedding day is more special than every other, brides stay fussy when it comes to wedding makeups. They want everything more than perfect. This isn’t necessarily the case with regular makeups. They are relatively simpler to handle.

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