DIY makeup is quite a common thing among brides. But, not knowing what to do may let the result go awry. We aren’t talking about advanced makeup. Leave it to your professional Wedding Makeup Artist in Pune. But, if you want to do the basics on your own, here are six handy-dandy makeup tips that you must know before you face the mirror for the cosmetic venture on your wedding day.

Makeup Maintenance Tips for the Most Awaited D-Day of Your Life!

Remember, your wedding day is when people will photograph you the most. So, if you want to look great, right through the aisle, to the Bidaai, you need to get the basics right. It is, especially when you prefer preparing with basics all on your own. Take a look at these six wedding day makeup tips that come in from the best makeup artist for bridal makeup in Pune.

1- Cleanse your Face
Cleanse your face thoroughly before you wear your bridal makeup. Your face must look naturally fresh. Make sure that you use a good quality cleansing milk to clean off dirt, dust, or oil traces from your face. A naturally fresh-looking face may not require as many cosmetics to look beautiful.

2- Moisturize your Face
Suitable and good quality moisturizers give your face a smooth appearance. They also prevent dryness or itchiness later on. Rub the moisturizer circularly and gently. You may also use a tinted moisturizer. The idea is to keep your face hydrated so that the skin doesn’t lose its natural glow.

3- Exfoliate your Skin
Exfoliation helps you get rid of your dead skin cells. But, it is healthy, only when you exfoliate twice or thrice a week. Please don’t go overboard with it. Exfoliation in excess may pull out natural moisture and make your skin excessively dry.

4- Keep Away from Sunlight
Avoid stepping out in the sun, to protect yourself from tanning. But, if you’ve got to do it, apply sunscreen. If you are going to stay in the sunlight for a longer duration, perhaps, around 6-7 hours, ensure you reapply sunscreen to prevent suntan.

5- Deal with Last Minute Pimples
Pimples are arrogant. They appear without prior consent. But that doesn’t mean you live with them. A last-minute pimple is annoying. But, you may use some tea tree oil over the blister. It won’t let the pimple disappear completely. However, it can reduce its prominence.

6- Communicate your Needs and Expectations to your Makeup Artist
As a leading wedding makeup artist in Pune, we know, most of the brides are vocal about their needs, especially when it is about their makeup.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with expecting magic. But, let your makeup artist know how you want to look. It will enhance your looks and beauty on the wedding day.

Tanya Arora is a leading makeup artist for bridal makeup in Pune. She helps the brides to look attractive, beautiful, and charming. Her experience and makeup techniques will transform you into a stunning bride on your wedding day!

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