Top 6 Treatments You Should Consider To Prep For Your D-Day

So very often my brides ask what are the different treatments they should go for before their big day.

You certainly go for your mani-pedi, waxing and threading routines but what else do you need ?
Here are a few tips you would need to be the radiant bride of your dreams.

1.  Chemical peels and Medi facials :

It really helps in improving the appearance and texture of your skin, reduces scarring, tan, pigmentation and acne .So many chemical peels available these days but the most crucial thing here would be to consult a good dermatologist.

2.  Body polishing :

Trust me, waxing your body is not enough. Body polish exfoliates and hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth & soft. It is more like a facial, but for the entire body.

3.  Teeth whitening:

The most important feature in every picture of your wedding album would be your smile. it is good to consult a dentist to get rid of any discoloration you might have to get that sparkly smile.

4.  Facial hair removals :

Cannot stress enough how much hair removal matters, not only for the appearance of your skin but also application of makeup. Makeup looks far more well blended and like your skin when you have a clean canvas.

5.  Hair spa and colour:

If you have really unruly hair, you can consider going for a Hair spa as it helps in taming down the frizz and giving great smoothness and shine to your hair. Also, colouring of hair gives a great body to the hair, the brownie point is it photographs beautifully as well. (make sure you are wise at the colour selections and try it well in advance )

6.  Nail Styling:

With all those events one after the other, the last thing on your mind is nails and you don’t want to spoil your look over chipped nails, isn’t it ? getting a good nail customisation done is a safe bet as you don’t have to care them for another month to go.


P.S. I am no skin expert, the information is just based on my past experiences of what has really worked for my brides.

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