Welcome people to my blog world ! Thanks for joining me

. Having the opportunity to communicate with like minded people was always an exciting idea for me and I am infinitely happy that I am finally able to materialize this idea. This blog is about all things cool, like new makeup trends, news, announcements, tutorials, so interesting stuff basically.
During my teens, I started writing makeup blogs for a few website as a leisure pursuit, continuing my academics all along. I loved makeup even then, doing it for my sisters, friends, neighbours, aunts, anyone I could get my hands onto. I remember being in school and trying on every art skill possible, and I always thought that when I grow up, I will do ‘something great in arts’ . Well, I didn’t. In the rat race of growing up, I ended up doing some serious studies and got certified as a Cost and Management Accountant.

After landing up in the corporate, I realised there was so much more to me than working in a 9 to 5. My fascination with makeup was only growing day by day and I knew it was now or never. Pursuing makeup part time seemed to be an option too, but I knew I would be sailing in two boats then (not my cup of tea). So finally, I decided breaking the bonds and forging on my own path, taking up makeup full-time.
Makeup is my true passion and how blessed I feel to be able to make it as my profession is beyond words. It makes me feel so much more alive. Like I got the yummiest food to me soul (you get the feeling?) Each working day is a bliss. Indeed, on a working day, my work is very tiring- long travels, odd timings, too little time to rest, sacrificing some important events, too many challenges, but you know what, it’s all worth it. The happiness I get from my clients appreciation, makes it all worth striving for.

As a makeup artist, I have met great people, came across great brands and have leant some great lessons.
Some facts about me- There are a few things I am very particular about
– the brands I use
– my client’s needs
– the people I work around
– the credibility of knowledge that I pass on
-the food I eat(smiley)

So all those who have joined along, keep holding on, because this is going to be an exciting journey. I hope you find this space appealing and useful, and to make it more helpful, your suggestions on what you want to read about or learn about are always welcomed! Let‘s get this started 🙂


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